Cuyahoga River Restoration

(Cuyahoga River Community Planning)

Restoring, revitalizing and protecting the Cuyahoga River watershed


Our Mission

To restore and protect the environmental quality of the Cuyahoga River,
nearshore Lake Erie, and select Lake Erie tributary watersheds.


Our Organization

Cuyahoga River Restoration is our new name. It's who we are and what we do.

Cuyahoga River Community Planning Organization (CRCPO) is the non-governmental 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Our History

Our history began in 1988, when the Cuyahoga River Remedial Action Plan (RAP) was created by Ohio EPA, on behalf of the U.S.EPA, to serve as the local stakeholder group tasked with putting together the plan to remove beneficial use impairments in the lower 45 miles of the Cuyahoga River and nearshore Lake Erie.

The RAP program was created by the International Joint Commission, an American/Canadian government partnership dedicated to restoring and protecting the water quality and resources of the Great Lakes. Its intent was to identify Areas of Concern that contribute to the degradation of the Great Lakes, and to develop restoration plans to remedy impairments to beneficial uses of the chosen waters.

A Cuyahoga River RAP Coordinating Committee of 32 stakeholders was convened, including representatives of state and federal agencies, industry, commerce and private interests, community groups and local governments and public agencies.

In 1989 the nonprofit corporation was created to support the activities of the Coordinating Committee by securing funds to support staff and enable the undertaking of projects and programs.


In 1998, the Cuyahoga was named by Presidential order as one of 14 American Heritage Rivers designated as such due to their cultural, environmental and economic importance to their regions. The initiative is an innovative response to help river communities that seek federal assistance and other resources to meet some tough challenges. Without any new regulations on private property owners, state, local and tribal governments, the American Heritage Rivers initiative is about making more efficient and effective use of existing federal resources, cutting red-tape, and lending a helping hand.

The Cuyahoga American Heritage River initiative encompasses the entire Cuyahoga River watershed, expanding our organization's stewardship reach and bringing together government agencies, businesses and community partners from six counties.

CRR is the lead AHR partner, working with NOACA, NEFCO, Ohio & Erie Canalway, and Upper Cuyahoga River Task Force.

Our Work

We support planning and implementation of remediation and restoration projects including habitat restoration, riparian zone restoration and repair, balanced growth land use planning and best management practices.

We assist in the development of local watershed stewardship groups, and in some cases acting as fiscal agent and support staff where needed.

We provide maps, data and technical assistance focused on watershed and wetland functions, with decades of expertise in technical and scientific research and reporting, GIS/RS mapping and data inventory.

Through our programs, we develop and manage restoration projects and support partners and organizations in restoration activities.

We write, design and publish educational and outreach materials to support watershed stewardship, addressing specific locales as well as general concepts. We train local officials in watershed protection, and agency personnel in communicating about storm water management and stream stewardship.


Cuyahoga River Restoration

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